Tuesday, May 16, 2006

On September 15th 2004, Ursula and me left Montreal, Qc (Canada) for a trip around the world on the road. My VW bus and a little trailer that contained my life, I was driving down the road to my parents's little house in Florida, where they've retired for winters, like a lot of "snowbird" do. We stayed there for about 8 months, enjoying the temperature, fixing there mobile home and take some time to bring Ursula on a better shape. I can tell you that the "beach bum" title was likely comfotable in my life at the moment.

On May 9th 2005, we've hit to raod again 'cause everything was planned to meet a friend and his Westfalia down in San Antonio, Texas by may 12th. After meeting Jonathan, we drove down to meet another friend that was near Mexico city since 4 months; -learning spanish and completing his engineering degree there. We whent down everywhere in Central Amercia; meeting so many friendly people and different tastes and cultures. Down in Cancun, Mex., my transmission broke down; (stayed at some John's relative's friends that has a B&B in Puerto Morelos, mexico; tires blew out one after the other and my friends experienced a "break in" Guatemala; but life was still so nice...!

-Down somewhere trough our trip in Central America, I've find out that Ursula had some major chassy problems that can bring some serious problems down farther down in South America and more places far away home.

-WE WHERE FACED TO A DECISION that can compromised our liftime trip.

The decision was to turn around and settle a temporarely base in Florida to get some more money and try to solve that frame problem, to go back on the road ASAP.

We've being traveling for the last 3 years trough Canada, United States of America and Central America down to Costa Rica..., bringing life a so perfect meaning... freedom and youth forever.

Unfortunately, Ursula died last fall (2005) of a rusted missing frame...

Rest in Peace girl... I'll miss you so much. Travels will be so different without you... You've being my inspiration... and will always be. You'll be forever next to my heart. Cheers.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Centro America

Here's some pictures about some of my travels.

I' gonna have to keep up with my blogg 'cause I ran out of time...

Come back often for updates..